The “water” stuff

I think I’ve figured it out. Southern Water just rang. That’s when it hit me.

He’s been keeping a lot of my postal mail from me. In the past, I’ve once gotten a power bill 9 months or so after it was sent. That was in 2011. I was about to leave for Farnborough when it arrived and I think I tucked it into my bag and showed it to the person I was meeting in Farnborough.

On a Friday in 2016, I think it was November, I had 5 or 6 envelopes at once from the DWP, at least one of which I had needed to reply to by the end of that same Friday. I sent a response by Special Delivery and an e-mail (and regular letters). I never heard back to any of those communications. (As with a number of letters I sent to the DWP at the start of 2020.)

In 2017, I once received a muddied and wet package with random letters from roughly 6 months. See photo below. (Handed to me by Nathan.)

A while ago, “he” referred to me being kept in a hot tub with filters and that I needed to be aware of it.

(There also was a photo of hot tub packaging that he did not want me to post online.)

It’s like the cruise ship thing. Safe from the water.

(Many years ago, there was a “sink or swim” reference that puzzled me because there was something ominous about it.)

(There’s the stupid HMRC stuff too. My VAT repayment supposedly is on its way. But I am not talking with HMRC when I call, am I? I didn’t even get a call reference the last time I called. She said that the “payment” would arrive yesterday, today or tomorrow. It went out the day before yesterday, she said. But it was a “repayment” in HMRC terms. Oh, I so hope that I am wrong about that. I so hope that HMRC is simply turning into a big mess, just like the DVLA did. Why did they have bogus and partly ancient contact details for me? And why has my VAT account still not been updated?)

He thinks he can “kill” me financially, ha ha? (He already did that many years ago. I have absolutely nothing left to lose.)

He thinks he can really hurt me?

(March 2021)

Na, dude, there is nothing you can still do to me, take from me. There is nothing left.

So I am going to be FLOODED with all sorts of old important postal mail soon. Wanna bet?

Ha ha ha.

This would make clear that I am dealing with a malignant narcissist – as indicated in that weird white and black image that I got earlier this year and that disappeared before I could take a screenshot – not Asperger’s – because to narcissists, money is everything. (And narcissistic supply. He wanted me to be “sweet”.)

He thinks he is a genius. He thinks he has “beaten” me, a smart person. No, I am just a powerless migrant who didn’t know anyone in the UK and once he had wiped out my income (2009/2010), there was nothing I could still do.

Time will tell if I am right.

I know I have council tax arrears, but heard nothing from the council. But hey, on no income, what can I do? (Besides the fact that nobody there ever listens to me when I talk about what is going on, the council offices are still closed, I am sure.) I am living off what friends abroad send me.

(He’s in my PC this morning.)

Some months ago, I got ticked off by some guy who accosted me near Lidl in North End (at about the same time when a loud group of youngsters walked by on the pavement).

But there was something that was really odd about that. That guy seemed to be putting on some act with an ATM. I told him to go to an ATM of his own bank, that this particular ATM was likely running out of cash and that he wanted to withdraw a large sum that the other bank considered too large.

But it actually seemed to be some kind of “performance” that that guy was putting on and he seemed to be accusing me of something.

Unless he was just a really weird idiot. Quite possible! (lol)

It could have been part of the bizarre shit that’s been in my life for the past 13 years, though.

Yeah, I sound nicely psychotic, don’t I? That’s “his” game. That’s the beauty of his game. It’s his escape hatch.

I just sit here and wait. Nothing else I can do.

As long as “he” is in my life there is next to nothing that I can do.

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