WHO on boosters: I agree

The pandemic cruelly highlights two problems we must urgently address.

  • Health disparities in countries.
  • Health disparities between countries.

Yes, I’ve been telling people here in England to get their boosters, for the sake of delta. I’ve not been convinced that we’re currently taking the right approach in the UK, with regard to omicron, as you will have noticed. But it’s not (very) important. (It’s mostly political.)

The bigger picture is the global one.

You can do something about that second bullet point. You can make a donation that gets people in disadvantaged countries their first and second jabs.


Because I can’t make the Pfizers, Johnsons and Astra-Zenecas donate vaccines in return for tax advantages they have gained from funnelling their profits through letterbox companies in places like the Netherlands.

Those routes are being addressed, btw, but Trump slipped through some legislation that delayed the effect of that somewhat. At the moment, Pfizer doesn’t seem to be gaining anything from channelling profits through the Netherlands and this may soon actually start to cost them.

Pfizer sluist 15 miljard dollar door Nederland, ook vaccinwinsten – https://nos.nl/l/2410678

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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