Getting messed with again

There’s been stuff on my computer as well as on my phone already. Such as my phone screen completely frozen at “who is Angelina Souren”. To suggest… well, who knows what? Or just to frustrate me? To force me to reboot the phone?

There was stuff on my computer yesterday as well. Such as a message that popped up during the previous post, about “the video” not having been uploaded to my site. Earlier I had a green pop-up on my phone telling me that I was now online again.

Crazy folks behind this. 😂

Or should I say “sad folks”? 😊

People with lots of bees buzzing around under their bonnets. And it ain’t even summer yet.


18:34: I’ve just discovered that someone may have been in my flat while I was showering today (half of the coffee seems to have gone from my coffee jar; coffee does not do that by itself and I haven’t left the flat today). I made a video this morning that had that coffee in it. So I could check how much was in the jar.

Was this a weird trick of the light?

But as I couldn’t see how much was left in the jar, this morning, I actually held the jar horizontal to see how much was in it, as the grains reached up to behind the label on the jar. That’s in the video. Was this a strange optical effect? Yes, perhaps. Who knows.

Here is what I know. My high-security lock can be picked too and it already has been picked a few times.

Here is what I don’t know. Can that lock get picked from the other side while the key is in it? Because the key was in it. And I usually lock the door.

I do remember hearing a sound and I did actually walk to the other side of the flat to check it out. Was that when the door closed? Or was it a mere coincidence?

I think it’s a weird coincidence – because of the locks, me being in; has to be, right? – but after 13+ years of really weird and often sadistic stuff, I question and verify just about everything. Because I have to.

And it looks like I am being interfered with on my computer as we speak. (The delay on the typing that I’ve learned to recognise. But this too, of course, is tricky. Could be anything.)

I also once found a bunch of black dog hairs because I’d left a can of baked beans standing open on my kitchen counter. That is the kind of thing you do when you’re stuck in poverty. Leaving an open can standing around. When I took the remaining beans out, I found the dog hairs. I’m pretty damn sure that they had not been there before.

One thought on “Getting messed with again

  1. Do I think that someone went into my flat while I was in the shower? Yes. I definitely have less coffee and in the video that I had made that morning, I had said that I run on caffeine. It fits the pattern. Always this thwarting. The “nah nah nah nah nah” that’s been in my life now for around 13 years and that is getting worse and worse and worse.

    (I have no money for more coffee at the moment and my VAT repayment for July-Sept still has not arrived yet either.)

    And I did hear a sound when I came out of the shower, a sound that I investigated. That day, I had spent a lot less time in the shower than usual.

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