More mischief?

I had noticed before that the app sometimes acts up. But now…

All tasks have disappeared from my NHS volunteering app!

Yeah that would be rather typical for what he does. But the information for the tasks that I have signed up for is still there and I had already entered them into my calendar.

I bet it’s just a hiccup and that the tasks will be back tomorrow morning.

The app’s had other odd hiccups. The map does weird things and right before Christmas, all the shifts at one location disappeared too, only to pop up again one or two days later or so.

Next day 10:39: I just had a call from the Royal Voluntary Service about something else. I forgot to ask about the app, but the call came from a private number and their regular phone number 0330 555 0310 is not answering. So I contacted them on Twitter.

Why does my Twitter page always refresh itself on my computer and then wipe out what I have written?

Here is the thing… I also received a FAKE call – voice mail – from the Royal Voluntary Service on New Year’s Day, with an American voice and a bogus phone number to call. 0808 1100 119. Mee Chan Quan is what the name of the caller sounded like.

11:03: Yes the tasks are back in the app again.

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