And more mischief, perhaps?

I thought I now finally had the correct new business bank account number as it was confirmed by another payment service, but on the latter’s site it says :

But what I got was one payment of £0.01. That’s all. Did I get fucked in the arse
by my hacker? Who’s to say.
And now this bizarre error message in pink.

For 13 years and counting, I’ve been the target of something really vile and sadistic, and also cunning, but nobody here in England – with the exception of ONE person and she is not English, and she’s been stalked herself – has ever believed me. Why?

  • I’m a migrant.
  • I’m a woman.
  • I’m over 45.
  • The hacking and other interference with my life have left me dirt-poor. So I must be stoopid, one of those so-called “vulnerable” people (with or without defective genes).

Everybody knows that the phenomenon sadistic stalking does not exist. I’ve been making it all up. Of course I have! I live in deep poverty and misery just for fun.

There’s nowhere I can go for help. Nowhere. Been everywhere. To some places so many times!

People prefer to come up with a reason for looking the other way so that they don’t have to do a thing.

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