I’m not online. Not really.

Was typing a comment on YouTube, got a “404 server not available error”. (Yes.) In the form of a popup that followed me when I moved away from the app…

(I mentioned a vile sadist in that comment, someone who lives for one thing only. Hurting others.)

What I also know with absolute certainty now is that I won’t get to see my next birthday. That was confirmed today. By the unknown entity I sometimes think of as Fuckaroni. Whoever it is who has been hacking my life to pieces for 13 years and counting.

When I wanted to return to this post and the one about the NHS, they weren’t there either, just like a YouTube comment had disappeared. The screen refreshed itself a few times. All by itself. (Then the posts were back again.)

Just like my Twitter page always refreshes itself on my computer and then wipes out what I had just written.

And while I was typing the above my phone rebooted itself.

Because now my Udemy payment is not arriving either? It’s always been on the dot!

The VAT repayment still hasn’t appeared yet either.

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