Sideline critics who aren’t in the game (in defence of SSE and Ovo)

(Link to article in the Guardian below.)

The people who are criticising the advice sent out by SSE have never been there!

Besides the cuddle, which is plain silly, and strikes me as typically English, it’s actually sound advice. And I know what I am talking about.

That said, I don’t agree with the tip to “stick to non-alcoholic drinks” as alcohol opens your veins.

Instead, avoid sugary drinks such as hot cocoa. They tend to mess up your metabolism and make you go warm at first but then make you go freezing cold, and tired. Go for hot soup if you can afford it.

That, of course, is a problem. People stuck in fuel poverty can’t afford soup either. And alcohol doesn’t need to be heated. And you only need a little sip if the alcohol percentage is high enough.

A good fleece blanket to wrap yourself in can also make a major difference. I picked one up, a Christmas blanket at a huge discount, five years ago or so. At Asda.

Putting an emergency foil blanket under the sheets on your bed can also help keep you warm overnight.

If you happen to have a long neck – I do – wrap a scarf around it or wear a turtle neck.

Politicians who admonish the energy company’s advice should take a good look at themselves as it’s the government that is at the root of this problem. “Poverty is a political choice.” (Philip Alston)

Poverty is the result of decisions made by politicians.

Energy certificates that have no relation to reality aren’t helpful either.

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