Some minutes ago, my Tor browser opened all by itself and in my other browser, the one in which I was doing things, a page kept forcing me to choose “leave” and “discard changes” I had made, while those changes were already in place. The latter has been a theme for many years, also at the public library. It is tempting to want to read some kind of meaning into it – of course – but there is none.

He is just playing.

But he probably wants you to start seeking some meaning in all the weird things that he does. Don’t. There is none.

This is just part of what he does.

He? Is this a kid alter in DID? What is this?

It is the same as me cancelling subscriptions to newsletters or access to a database – like French newspaper Le Monde’s years ago, to which I had needed access for a book on forensics – and he interfering with that so that I continue to get the newsletters and updates. This has been happening for at least ten years.

Things I subscribed to or used many many years ago – likely even with different e-mail addresses to which I no longer have access- sometimes pop up in my e-mails again.

I have also noticed that there are sometimes different things in the browser memory, as if I am connected to different people’s computers at times. Much older things will suddenly pop up when I start typing something in a browser window (autocomplete).

It just strikes me that this is also more or less what he did in my HMRC VAT account last year!

What is this?!

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