(lol) (but not really)

Am getting nonsensical responses to e-mails sent to the Refugee Council. These responses are sent by Leisha Shiner. She does not appear to be reading my e-mails, at all

I almost always get either nonsensical responses or no response at all to any e-mails I send to anyone within the UK.

The only responses I have had in the past six (to 12) months were from a US company called Bird Barrier. Nobody else replies (or replies with something that is not mere hogwash).

(That said, I am currently – today and yesterday – participating in something that is online in the UK that appears to be not a bunch of local jokers or whatever having fun with me again, for a change. Wow! Usually, I am just getting fucked around by one or more anonymous jokers. I have not seen any signs of that at all yet this time.)

Except, when I just tried to post a link, my PC froze and I had to throw the power off the thing. This time, I was still logged in on sites that I usually get kicked out off when I do that.

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