Here is the thing

My entire life these days is about what local anonymous folks are up to.

Because they determine what I can do, what I cannot do and what my life is like.

Here you have the reason for Brexit.

You think that the EU makes you do certain things but you are doing it all to each other and to yourselves.

I am an EU citizen and this non-stop meddling by English people is the BIG problem for me. If it is a problem for me, then it is likely also a problem for you. It’s not the EU, it never was the EU. It’s YOU. You folks are doing this to yourselves. To each other.

You consider yourselves to be highly individualistic. But you’re not. And you blame that on others. But it’s you who are doing this, you who are keeping each other tethered.

Like everything else in life, this has pluses and minuses.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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