Busting poverty

One of the first things to do when wanting to bus poverty is to drop all exclusive speech. Otherising language. Phrases such as “those people”. Because it suggests “them, not us”.

I repeatedly tried to join the Green Party’s Poverty Buster session at the Policy Fest this evening but because I attended the Wood Biomass meeting before, I couldn’t. (I kept being told something along the lines of “the host has another meeting in progress”. Had something similar with meeting sessions at the Hastings Center last week.)

I heard “those people” mentioned in one of yesterday’s Policy Fest sessions. It is very human to want to try to distance ourselves from other people’s dire situations – it is human vulnerability – and the phrase “those people” does not even necessarily point at the wish to distance oneself in each case.

That said, the first step towards busting poverty in the UK must be inclusivity. In this video below, I try to explain why.

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