3 thoughts on “I remember

  1. It seems to relate to this part of a message that I got this morning that I can’t make any sense of either:

    “It was long ago, but your reaction today hasn’t changed in a decade. You had clear memories of going in and none coming out…hmmm. Perhaps you just didn’t want to share with me.”

    I have NO IDEA what the person in question is going on about here. It’s all in his mind, clearly, and I am no mind-reader.

    But it has all – three messages – left me with a very unpleasant feeling… so unpleasant that it seems to be deliberately intended to push me away. And I don’t think that these messages are coming from the person they appear to be coming from either.

    Someone had referred to my “nemesis” a while back, wrote that I had been accusing him of being that person or something along those lines, and attached a first name to that “nemesis”, which was odd. I was pretty sure that that message had not really come from the person that message seemed to be coming from either, but it can be hard to tell. At the time, I ignored the odd remarks about my “nemesis”, but I decided to follow up on it after all, to see if I could draw the person out and get some clarity on what exactly he was suggesting or going on about.

    But hey, it’s quite possible that the messages are genuine and that guy is simply genuinely losing his marbles. Hard to tell with certainty from a distance.

  2. Oh, damn… Memory loss? Is “he” once again referring to the fact that according to him, I have multiple personalities??? (Along with blood cancer, kidney disease, was sexually abused as a child and god knows what else. All according to him, that is.)

    He almost drove me crazy for years, trying to “prove” that I had multiple personalities or draw them out or whatever. Then one day, I saw what exactly it was that this person – whoever – was doing in my computer, what it was that was so confusing to my brain, which had tried very hard to make any sense out of but could not. It actually used to make me nauseous!

    From that point on, I was immune to that manipulative nonsense.

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