Autism and opinions and work

To an autistic person, there does not seem to be a conflict in interest between working in an organisation that stands for ideas that you are not exactly fully behind and one’s own convictions and opinions. (Note how the way I phrase this gives away how long I’ve been in England.)

A neurotypical person sees such a situation and thinks “it’s a mere matter of time before the two clash and the employment ends”. When it happens, the autistic person is likely to feel wronged because he or she won’t understand what happened.

Where does that hiatus come from?

This is interesting.

Society has all these rules… and some people are sticklers for them while others aren’t, for example regarding which colours go together and which ones don’t.

Autistic people, so I understand, can be true sticklers for rules but those are rules – habits – that apply to their own lives and that probably serve to reduce overload on the brain. In a period in my life in which I moved around a lot, I found that it was much easier to keep my stuff – mugs etc – in the same position because it stopped me from having to look for them and instead enabled me to grab them on autopilot while focusing on more important matters. It was a matter of convenience.

But the clashing of opinions is another matter.

I’ll have to do some thinking about this.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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