Ongoings (bonkers local nonsense)

About ten days ago, someone in the US – who I had asked for money, I should add, as I have been without income for far too long now; it goes with being based in misogynistic Portsmouth, I’m afraid – wrote something about me having mixed him up with my “nemesis Stephen”. Very odd!

At the time, I let it go. But it sounded, again, as if I was not actually emailing with said person in the US or that this little bit had been added to the email by someone else.

Yesterday, I decided to follow up on it. The only obvious/visible “Stephen” in my life is my MP. I’ve never met him, but I’ve emailed. He’s sent me an odd Twitter DM once of which I didn’t think it really came from him and his office staff – or someone pretending to be that office staff – replied normally to emails but also occasionally gave me the runaround, the way politicians tend to do. One time, they asked me to email them a copy of this video that I had made:

So yesterday I decided to start finding out what this nemesis remark had been about.

This is what I got back:

“Angie, that would have been quite a while ago.  I presume it was something you said that suggested that possibility to me, as I have no knowledge of these folks at all.  I do not recall ever accusing the MP, but it’s possible, I suppose…as they’re all under suspicion considering what has been happening to you for so many years, grrrr.  

The only person I recall, years ago, suggesting as a source of your problems, and I stand on this recollection, was your saxophone playing friend that you went to see years ago at his house.  This was probably shortly after your move to Portsmouth.

You told me he took you out to his “tool shed” behind his house where his sax stuff was.  I suspect that he gave you some drug in your tea there, as you seemed never to be the same after that episode.  

You denied that you were drugged — although that is apparently a “common” thing in some circles – date rape drugs, etc.  That has always been my suspicion.  If you were drugged, you might have given history, likely passwords, etc.  I hope I’m wrong and you always said I was, so…OK.

Of course that is speculation on my part, but it has always been my explanation.  You denied anything happened on that occasion.  What do I know?  I hadn’t seen you in a decade before that or a decade after that! 

I hope I am wrong. I mentioned it to you only a few times and was emphatically denied, so… 

I hope all has improved for you, even if only a bit.  You deserve only goodness. The world is a better place for your efforts. I wish you were able to head back to Amsterdam, you deserve much better.”

Utterly bonkers, besides the last paragraph. Of course, it is also possible that this person in the US is losing his marbles (or is trying to gaslight me, NPD-style, the things he is talking about all so off the mark that it is almost like he expects me to start correcting what he wrote). Note that I had said not even a syllable about a saxophone; I haven’t had a saxophone in years. Haven’t had a violin in years either. In fact, all I had written was this:

“A while ago you suggested that the local MP is my “nemesis” (word you used). Why?”

(Yes, I was trying to draw “him” out, whoever it was, deliberately did not mention the first name “he” had added. If I do think I am dealing with someone else, the name I usually mention – if I do at all – is Charles,, Charlie, Charley or Lee, actually, because as far as I know I am usually dealing with someone who calls himself that. And also a Danny, apparently.)

I replied: “What a fascinating answer you concocted. It made me laugh out loud!”

The next messages:

“Well, Angie, that was also your response 10 years ago. 

You asked.  I answered!  I have never been much of a creative writer, so, thanks for the compliment!

As previously, you ridicule my hypothesis, yet have never come up with a better answer or any explanation of that episode beyond “going in”…coming out?!?.  

As I said, I wasn’t there and haven’t been for what — 25yrs.  I don’t know, but MP would have never been my idea, despite it sounding like a conspiracy going on in Portsmouth.

Hope all is well.  We’ve had a wonderful week here, but looks like winter is headed back…”

“I guess one of the strangest things about this horrible Portsmouth situation is that while you describe its bizarre nature quite clearly as well as your puzzlement at its source, you ridicule the more normal situation I proposed.  It certainly may not be the explanation or perhaps, even related to the problem, and perhaps, nothing happened there.  I don’t know, but you brought up the issue in my mind, and the timing is interesting.    

Can you account for that entire saxophone shed situation both before and after?  It was long ago, but your reaction today hasn’t changed in a decade.  You had clear memories of going in and none coming out…hmmm. Perhaps you just didn’t want to share with me.  I don’t know, nor does it matter until you ask re MP/Portsmouth, etc. 

It was over a decade ago.  So, not much of an issue to me one way or the other, though your situation in Portsmouth is very upsetting having known you before, grrr.

I just find the dichotomy of your ridicule of that issue v your perceptive analysis of the local situation perplexing.  ‘Nuff said?!

Sunrise this AM — cloudy!”

Just as bonkers. I replied: “Huh?”

(Does some of this refer to what I wrote on the home page of my website a few days ago? Note also the use of the word “dichotomy”. I used that in my description of NPD, on YouTube, and I say that maybe it is like DID in a way. I have no idea what the remark about the memories is about either, by the way, or the thing about my reaction not having changed in a decade, or the thing about the timing. It’s an utter hogwash response.)

(I then reminded him that he had made this odd remark about my nemesis only about ten days ago. Yes, I also suggested that he had taken too many mushrooms or, rather, Martinis, perhaps.)

Messages after that (“in retreat”, as usual):

“aaah…I see.

No mushrooms.  I should try for some glaucoma marijuana, though…Lots do and I’ve got that condition documented for 30 yrs.  Too bad I’m so lazy.

Yes, I did refer to your “nemesis” about then.  Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

I guess I just used the name I’d seen you upset with, assuming it was your nemesis…You know what they say about assume — per Gen Patton in my book — makes an “ass out of u and me”.  

Sorry, that’s where the name came from.  I thought he was one of the troublemakers.  Sorry for the confusion, but I’m glad I had a chance to clarify.

Sorry for the problem,”

“Hopefully the provenance of the name is clear after my last email.

I am sure you’re sorry you asked. Can’t blame you.  I am rather clumsy. I should obviously keep my mouth shut as I really am removed from the whole situation.

Sorry for my “investigative” and writing techniques.  They obviously create more problems than they solve…despite avid watching BBC “Hathaway and Shakespeare” and other detective series, not to mention my Bosch, LA  books…finished all the Lucas, Minneapolis, series…

I ought to be a better writer to say the least.  Have a great day.  Rain clouds here.  Another excuse to sit on my ass all day, per usual.  I always manage to find an excuse for laziness.”

Then yesterday evening, I found a video about Asperger’s on my screen (the one below). Pointing toward Asperger’s has happened several times before.

(And yes, Asperger’s might fit but because of Portsmouth’s uncomfortable relationship with diversity, far too many people here would rather openly deny ever even having heard of anyone else (while secretly making up bizarre shit stories about just about everyone else) than to merely acknowledge the existence of diversity. So nobody is willing to deny or confirm that I am dealing with someone who has Asperger’s. But that could, of course, also mean that I am dealing with a malignant narcissist. True!)

So, I inquired. I wanted to know if the Asperger’s interferes with the day-to-day running of his life and if he is looking for someone who can help him run his life.

(The response I got back to that struck me as a typical NPD-style response, however. Asperger’s, unfortunately, can resemble NPD, so I understand, so getting NPD-style behaviours from whoever exactly this is – because in the hacking realm, anyone can be anyone – is not definitive proof of NPD.)

This morning, I sent this.

Listen up

Dear “Kevin”,

If you do have Asperger’s, why don’t you simply admit it and why don’t you email me as yourself again instead as of Julie, Tim, Bernadette etc.

A person claiming to be you – not Kevin, Julie, Tim or Bernadette – sent hundreds of emails to me back in 2008.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with you having Asperger’s.

I have a big problem with English people being English! Particularly the men tend to be rude (boorish) and obnoxious, even the ones who think that they are courteous. English people tend to be so emotionally stunted that dealing with them is like dealing with badly behaved teenagers. It doesn’t apply to all of them but it applies to many of them.

So if it was you who was hanging around me at the Asda some time before Christmas, well, I was desperate for FOOD and the last thing I was looking for was yet another obnoxious misogynistic regular Englishman. So I very deliberately did not look up.

And if you’re a so-called malignant narcissist, dude, I am not your shrink. Leave my phones and computers and postal mail and everything else in peace and stop breaking the law together with your atrocious Pompey buddies. Go see a shrink! A shrink can help you. I cannot.

Am I clear?

Your friend Melina

During the writing of the bit about “malignant narcissist”, my phone’s screen lit up, but that can be a coincidence, of course. Then again, my screen also went black, and that certainly would not be the doing of the Twilight app.

A little later, a “mouse” started scratching in the walls, after which I wrote “And yes, that too.”

(After which it stopped.)

The scratching in the walls and against the ceiling / in the floor of my flat first happened years ago, around Christmas, when I got a message “on Facebook” about a mousetrap on my bed.

Meanwhile, my life remains on hold. Because “on hold” is the only kind of life I have been able to have in Portsmouth. (Eh, should that be “England”?)

For the record: I still participate in many campaigns but I stopped e-mailing the MP as part of any campaign. (Because that’s a waste of time.) I still occasionally hear him say something on the radio. It’s usually just as bland as the responses I used to get from his office, so I do think that those above-mentioned responses I got from his office were genuine.

The problem of course is also – hacker currently appears to be in my system btw; typing is very slow and I have seen this phenomenon too often over the years not to recognise it as it means that he can interfere if he wants to, for example, if I type something that he doesn’t like – that SOME of the emails may be genuinely from the guy in the US or PART of the emails may be. At the start of 2009, “Kevin” – unasked – once explained to me how one does this (interfere with other people’s emails). A “Kevin” also told me that he used to work in IT, but I am not sure who that particular latter “Kevin” was. “Kevin” is a random name. John, Peter or Patrick would do too.

UPDATE 17:27:
(That timing is interesting. I suddenly have five or six emails arrive at once. Nothing else earlier, for many hours.)
I got more typical NPD-style remarks in return.

Whoever it is, I am definitely corresponding with someone who has NPD. Definitely not Asperger’s, I’d say. (Or someone pretending to have NPD.)

And yes, there was a day on which I noticed that someone at ASDA seemed to be, I don’t know, hovering and following me from aisle to aisle for a short while. I was wearing a cap and never looked up at the person and can’t even say with certainty if it was a man or a woman.

2 thoughts on “Ongoings (bonkers local nonsense)

  1. I should also add that until about a year ago, when THIS guy started talking about drugs within this context – and I have no clue why – there was never any mention of drugs or reason to mention drugs, as are a few other things that he mentioned.

    They’re totally nuts, these e-mails that I supposedly got from the States. Were they really from this guy in the States? He does go a little nuts occasionally, but this would have been “going nuts big time” as opposed to “a little”.

    I still haven’t got a clue what the “your answer is still the same as ten years ago” is about either.

    But I’ve recently gotten some other really nuts stuff from this guy too. See, he and his wife were in London at some point, after they’d done a big cruise. He wanted me to pick them up from the cruise ship and drive them to the hotel and drive them around in London as well as stay at the hotel. Except… that was back in 2010, if I recall correctly and the cruise was in 2011… were THOSE emails really from this guy, knowing what I know now?

    My finances did not allow any of that at the time and I said so.

    Instead, I later called them at their hotel in London and he answered and he initially sounded REALLY ANNOYED that I called.

    At around the same time as the emails in the post, “he” was saying really bonkers stuff about that as well.

    Hmm. Maybe these emails were genuine after all and from a genuine nutcase, in that case.

    How sad that would be.

    Maybe this, for once, was not due to hacking interference…

    That would actually be wonderful.

    (Btw, his wife has meanwhile passed away, since that cruise, but he certainly has no “romantic” interests in me, and he never had either, though he did have other interests in mind. I’ve never been interested in him in any special way and I’ve said so very clearly a few times.)

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