Minor RTA along Fratton Road

As I was walking along Fratton Road and crossing Church Road just now, a car was pulling out of Church Road, but I was looking in front of me, not watching the road. Then I heard a loud kinda scraping noise and I looked up to where the sound came from.

I saw a car with what looked like a crumpled side front panel from a distance – not from up close – but the location of it was wrong, so that didn’t make sense. As both drivers pulled their cars to the side to look at the damage and talk, I walked over. It’s always scary when stuff like that happens.

Everyone was fine. The car that had pulled out of Church Road had driven into the flank of the other car, which had an elongate dent around its flank. The front registration plate of the other car had gotten detached on one side. I don’t know if its driver pulled out too soon or too late as I had not been watching the traffic.

There were two kids in the car but they were both okay. (The window was closed, but I asked “are you okay?” and she nodded. She smiled. She looked okay too. Calm. The other kid was strapped in and okay too.) I stayed with the two women, I guess for moral support. It’s always scary when this kind of stuff happens and you usually end up shaking the rest of the day. Or start shaking later that day. Not everyone, but lots of people.

(I did ask if they needed or wanted my contact details, just in case, but I had not seen the accident, only heard it, although from a distance of a few metres.)

That kind of stuff just happens.

Me, I did a little bit of cleaning this morning and I gave two side tables a coat of chalk paint. I also came up with a good idea overnight. It kept me awake. That has not happened in a loooong time.

This morning, my SIM-less phone spontaneously started playing a song again. “More medicine.”

Two days ago, it spontaneously played “Ease away” in the evening. That evening, my printer and one of my screens had been acting up too. Or was that the evening before?

I feel exhausted. Physically. I look very pale, too.

I desperately need my life back. This includes the ability to support myself (which I lost when I moved from Southampton to Portsmouth).

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