I’m determined

Shortly before Christmas, I got gaslighted again, by a man who doesn’t even know me. It looks like he also very deliberately fed me a big lie (according to his LinkedIn profile).

I didn’t respond. I said nothing.

It’s made me determined to start changing this for other women.

Each time someone gaslights me these days, I lose all respect for and sense of obligation regarding that person, I’ve meanwhile realised.

I also now stop interacting with the person, push him or her out of my life.

(There’s been a heck of a lot of gaslighting in this town before, but there’s also been gaslighting from within my life, from people who I used to know.)

Gaslighting is a horrible thing to do to another human being.

Why do people BLAME and GASLIGHT women who are the target of some form of stalking?

Because it allows these people to reassure themselves that this will therefore never happen to themselves or any of their loved ones.

You see this phenomenon time and time again.

Rape is blamed on the woman not being a nice person, being promiscuous or dressing the wrong way.

Poverty is blamed on people ordering lots of unnecessary stuff on credit and then drowning in debt.

So are eviction and homelessness, which in addition are blamed on drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling.

What gaslighting is like for the woman who is being gaslighted:

It’s like people saying she is crazy and merely imagining it when she says she believes that she has a nose or because she has just said that one of her eyes is itchy or because she genuinely believes that she has two legs and two arms and two ears. It shuts down all conversation.

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