Still waters

“Still Waters” is a ballet by dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carlson. The record album “Still Waters, a Ballet de Carolyn Carlson” was released on Celia Records in France in 1986. The composer was René Aubry (with Jean Schwarz).

I have just uploaded the following:

(Note the deliberate separation of and transitions between the left and right channel here and there.)

Watch Carolyn Carlson herself performing “Solo” in Geneva:

I saw Still Waters at the Royal Theater Carré. I was living almost around the corner from it at the time, on the other side of the Amstel River. I purchased the record at the theatre, but I have emigrated a few times and I also lost just about everything I owned a few times. Only one of those times coincided, by the way. (LOL)

In the 1990s, I recorded the record on cassette player and later fed that into the computer. I had the files still sitting in my Dropbox. The sound quality initially was very bad; I was able to clean it up a little in Audacity. You can hear that the record had a few scratches.

The first Carolyn Carlson ballet I saw was Slow, Heavy and Blue, during Amsterdam’s Holland Festival, in 1984. I was hooked. Since then, I saw everything by her until I emigrated to the States (my first emigration).

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