What the combination gerontophobia and misogyny may look like in practice

Say, you have a woman who lives in dense insular community.

She is sitting in a cold flat for which the farcical energy certificate falsely states that it is very easy to heat and very well insulated. That’s not because deception took place but because these energy certificates have no realistic basis (at least not for cheaply constructed rental homes).

This woman is well educated, has an IQ of around 130 but she is over 45 and living in deep poverty.

People around her hear her cough and assume that she has a lung infection and is running a fever but is too stubborn to seek help.

They don’t factor in the massive load of allergens in the indoor air, they don’t factor in effects of the weather or the temperature and humidity in her home, they don’t factor in what she ate, they don’t factor in whether she suffers from acid reflux and they don’t factor in whether she is able to purchase Maalox Plus to keep the latter under control and what have you, such as the amount of exercise her lungs get or whether perhaps she is taking eye drops that cause her cough or her vitamin intake.

She seeks assistance with an eye problem and gets referred to a walk-in clinic.

There, a nurse takes her temperature and her blood pressure.

“Your blood pressure is good”, says the nurse, not realising that – according to her reading – the woman’s diastolic blood pressure’s gone up by 15 points in less than 5 years. That’s because nobody expects older adults to be in good health and nobody expects older adults to want to be in good health because the latter would be plain silly. (People over 45 are as good as dead and everybody knows it. Why can’t these stubborn older people just accept that?)

The woman’s temperature is normal, according to the nurse.

One wonders.

Is this what utter contempt for women and for older adults – for older women – looks like in real life?

Yes, I think so.

Older women get gaslighted almost around the clock, particularly about their own health, but not just about their own health.

And no, it it NOT okay to do that.

2 thoughts on “What the combination gerontophobia and misogyny may look like in practice

  1. All in all, she ends up going to five different places for help, but not one person is even willing to take a very quick look at her eye. (The woman eventually figures out the problem on her own.)

    There is no point in mentioning a constant cough to a GP either. These older women, they need to know their place. They need to learn to accept that optimal health is out of the question at their age, a silly fantasy that these women must let go of. And exercise? Exercise only serves to tone the muscles in order to attract a male. Everybody knows that, too.

  2. Maybe I should also ask you to consider what women who’ve been subjected to this kind of thing for decades feel like and become like. This kind of rather hateful stuff starts at – or gets much worse from – around age 45 for women.

    No woman wants to put up with consistently being treated like a toddler.

    And then they’ll say things like “she’s losing the plot, she is going crazy, she is terrified of catching Covid, she is isolating herself, she is going senile”.

    Ya think?

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