16 March 2022

Is this going to be an important day in 13+ years of sadistic stalking, such as hacking and other malicious interference in the life, of a Dutchwoman in Portsmouth?

Or will it be just another Wednesday in this continuing nightmare?

“I tell people everything they need to know. What they do with it is up to them.”

“It’s not so much a matter of breaking the rules but of constantly rewriting them.”

In 2010, he openly told Hampshire Constabulary that he had access to my computers, but the police missed it, of course. They did pass it on to me.

A few months later, he told others who also missed it and who also passed the message on to me.

He does this to taunt me.

In countries that are rife with misogyny, everyone is always willing to believe the worst about women. But never about men.

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