Looks like I am gonna have to sell my phone

The interactions I have are with are mostly with my sadistic stalker(s)/hacker(s), but that is not why I am selling it.

I have been without income since the end of the lockdowns last year. I no longer have access to any form of income. (That is, besides some royalties; I will get $3.92 in about a week and I got $3.95 at the start of January.) So I have no choice. I’ve already sold just about everything else that I could still sell.

Selling my phone from within a situation of being isolated and trapped in an electronic cage makes sense.

Besides, I don’t exist in England anyway, not as a human being in any case, only as a target, so it’s fine. There is nobody I need to be able to reach and there usually is not even anyone I can reach anyway because of the electronic cage that I am in.

I haven’t had a genuine (not spoofed) incoming phone call in years so I clearly do not need to be reachable either.

The sadism that I am subjected to is truly horrendous. There is nothing I can do about it (other than commit suicide, which I refuse to do because before I moved to England, I did two online longevity quizzes that both predicted that at this point in time, I would still have about 30 years ahead of me and all I need to do is think back to everything that I did between ages 20 and 45 to be adamant that no stalker gets to throw my remaining years away).

For over a decade, I’ve been asking for assistance with my sadistic stalking situation at all sorts of places and from all sorts of people here locally. I almost always got gaslighted in response.

The only time as far as I can recall that I was taken seriously was when I posted a request for information on the Facebook page of Hampshire Constabulary, probably about a decade ago, trying to identify who I was dealing with, stating that I was being targeted by someone and that it seemed to be someone who might have had an American mother or partner* who he felt had abandoned him and so who was either homesick or moved back – among other things because the person tended to get angry with me for for example visiting the CNN website – and asking anyone who could tell me more to come forward.

(I clearly had unhampered access to Facebook at the time; this has not always been the case in the past decade.)

The post was removed and a police officer came to my door, but back then I didn’t know yet that my locks were constantly getting picked and no animals had been killed or tortured yet either. I expected to be able to leave Portsmouth soon enough at the time.

*It later turned out to be a mother, not American but Austrian.

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