I’m so so sorry, Ukraine

You’d think that in the 21st century, humans would know better. Will we ever learn? And Europe just seems to be standing there and watching, it feels like, but I’m sure I’ve not caught all the news. I mean surely all Russian embassies have been forced to close as all its staff has been sent home, right?

Following morning:

Turns out that the UK, EU and US have decided to go after Putin and Lavrov personally, by freezing all their assets. Good. The problem with sanctions is that it’s usually the people who have nothing to do with the problem suffer most. A few days ago, I read that sanctions would be likely to make Putin weaponize food such as wheat and that this is how he keeps for example China on his side. There has to be more that we can do. I think the Netherlands was sending materials even before Putin attacked.

Remember that passenger plane that was attacked. MH17. The Netherlands has already many victims in this war. The UK has a few too as does Australia. 298 people died in that plane attack. Three Russians and one Ukrainian have been charged in this Dutch-led investigation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48691488. I still remember the ceremonies held in the Netherlands when the planes with the corpses arrived. There was evidence that Russia had provided that missile launcher. See also https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2019/06/19/identifying-the-separatists-linked-to-the-downing-of-mh17/

About the sanctions (in Dutch) https://nos.nl/l/2418917

Kasparov had been warning for years that Europe was effectively adding to Putin’s war chest (in Dutch): https://nos.nl/l/2418897

The Dutch have now started a petition to get all gas contracts with Gazprom cancelled. I’ve just signed it too. 120 Dutch municipalities have contracts with Gazprom. So do half of the Dutch water boards. They’re looking into it. A problem turns out to be that other suppliers too often use Russian gas. The Netherlands used to have its own huge gas supply (Slochteren) and a few minor ones in the western part of the country, but has needed to start importing recently.

As a side note, I think I’ve met Kasparov: https://www.alamy.com/reception-in-amsterdam-cresthotel-on-the-occasion-of-the-80th-birthday-of-former-world-chess-champion-dr-max-euwe-karpov-20-may-1981-schakes-rece-image429017099.html

Latest: The Netherlands is sending 200 Stinger missiles to Ukraine, at the request of Ukraine.

The Netherlands decided to send military supplies last week; the first shipment left today.

(The Netherlands is a tiny country but it’s quite prosperous.)



My phone just rebooted itself and I have trouble typing now.

Yes, hacker dude, I am based in England but that’s no excuse for closing my eyes to what goes on in the rest of the world. Don’t be such a Rees-Mogg. 😁

The phone is getting very hot now.

Yesterday, it appeared that I started getting interfered with on (one of) my computer(s) shortly after I happened to hear my immediate downstairs neighbor come home, the same one that triumphantly yelled “ah ha ha ha ha ha” when one of my phones spontaneously rebooted itself and who I once caught studying my postal mail, which turned out to be an invitation for an online neighborhood forum with which the hacker also interfered. So I unsubbed. Cowards only dare mess with people who they have plunged into deep poverty first to render them defenceless. Portsmouth is the pits, with its coordinated attacks against strangers. Newcomers. Sadistic stalker? That’s just the extremely insular Pompey born and bred lot with its mafia-style intimidation tactics. Wanna bet? (To be fair, they do try to make up for it too, but in my view, they lost the connection to reality a long time ago. Insularity tends to do that.)

(8:54: it’s gone quiet again.)

But, hey, maybe it’s just all a coincidence.

Maybe simply my umptieth cheap phone since I moved into this address is collapsing… 😎

I later decided to remove that above last bit but at some point, my screen froze, I could no longer delete text and the only thing I could still do was enter the phrase β€œsame sex” it looked like. (Meaning… what? That the hacker is female?)

So I let the information at the end stand unchanged.

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