Are Lithuania and Latvia next? And what about Bulgaria? And Romania?

I couldn’t help but wonder when I read that Symantec had seen virus activity there as well, but it was likely a matter of the virus aimed at Ukraine spreading beyond its borders. Lithuania and Latvia are both in the EU.

For the record, I am talking computer virus, not biological virus.

(video, in English)

That guy looks quite like Portsmouth’s Steve Pitt, doesn’t he?

Bulgaria – in the EU – is also badly affected. Bulgarians are the fifth biggest minority of the population of Ukraine. Bulgaria is contemplating removing a landmark statue – a monument to the Russian army – that has now become a symbol for the Russian invasion. But Bulgaria is divided.

Romania doesn’t seem to be and has offered to take in half a million Ukrainian refugees. There’s obviously some nervousness in the country right now and the Romanian govt hopes that diplomacy will be able to end the war.

There’s some hope that the Chinese may be able to reach Putin.

I hope that the Romanian, Bulgarian, Latvian and Lithuanian EU citizens in the UK and anyone else who is worried about what’s happening in Ukraine will come together to share their worries. Because this has to be pretty shitty for them too, not to mention Ukrainian students etc in the UK. Here in Portsmouth too.

368,000 people have now fled Ukraine, according to the United Nations.

Portsmouth flying the Ukrainian flag and the Union Jack

The local city council is flying the Ukrainian flag. Nice gesture, Mr Vernon-Jackson, granted, because this too supports affected foreigners here and no, I’m not being sarcastic. What else is being done?

The Spinnaker Tower is also flying the Ukrainian flag.

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Petrol – gasoline – has been running out here and there locally as the war is driving up fuel prices.

Efforts to evacuate families of Ukrainians already living in Portsmouth are reportedly underway. But will they get proper support once here or will they be abandoned as has so far happened with almost all recently arrived refugees in the UK? That they are being evacuated to relatives may make a considerable difference. When will the first ones arrive, Ms Mordaunt? Or is your team still busy trying to secure visas?

Turns out that one family has already reached Poland and is on its way to Portsmouth. Good.

The Ukrainian President was in Portsmouth two years ago to sign a naval defence cooperation agreement.

Britain apparently too has sent military supplies to Ukraine, btw. And our local newspaper leans to the right (towards Conservative views).

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