BP dumps Rosneft

That’s one fifth of Rosneft. A 22 billion euro write off.

(Side note: So many global law firms must be working around the clock too at the moment. Because all these decisions that are being made around the western hemisphere and a few other places now require the involvement of lawyers. Documents.)

And Denmark is sending 2,700 of its own shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons.

The EU expects up to 7 million Ukrainian refugees. Unless we can stop Putin’s nonsense soon. 50 Ukrainians seem to have asked for asylum in the Netherlands, so far.

The Ukrainian President has forbidden men between ages 18 and 60 to leave the country. (So that must be why Anna’s husband – see earlier post – wasn’t allowed to join her in Hungary?) The UN estimate of now 368,000 refugees concerns mainly women and children.

In the UK, Truss is supporting Brits and others who want to join Zelensky’s legion of volunteers to help defend Ukraine. This will have consequences for the Home Office.




Meanwhile, Putin has given orders for increased readiness of Russian military units with nuclear weapons in response to the various sanctions. The Pentagon foresaw this in a report in 2018, and stated that Russia erroneously assumed that it could put pressure on other nations this way.

“Correcting this mistaken Russian perception is a strategic imperative.”

The Pentagon is currently updating this report.

From the report
From the report
From the report
From the report

Is what we now are facing the result of having had four years of Trump in the White House?

So what we need is hacking access that knocks out control of these nuclear weapons, one way or another. Because the above-mentioned strategic imperative has not been heeded or at least clearly not achieved. Knocking out comms could do it too. Easy for me to type. Can that be done? I have no idea. I do know that Dutch defence intelligence hacked into a notorious state-sponsored Russian hacker group a while back and watched them through their own cameras. (Who knows which western countries may already be in those systems right now, then. If Russia can do this to Ukraine, then other countries can do this to Russian systems. The US has previously done it in Iran; it sent a virus to its nuclear installations, I’ve forgotten its name, but it knocked out the centrifuges. That’s not the same as weaponry, but that is not the point. Oh, right. Stuxnet. There’s a book that I had – I think by Obama? – that actually talks about it quite openly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harvard’s Belfer Center also has some papers on it, but I probably first ran into this when I was looking into Anonymous.)

I think our other best shot may actually be to start trying to convert Russian military operatives. Don’t think that it can’t be done, because then you will fail by definition. Don’t think CIA. Think Thich Nhat Hanh. And think one person at a time. Not all at once. Think “seeds”. Let’s face it, they’re as human as the rest of us. (Even though it may not look like that at the moment.)

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