EU measures

Dutch finance minister Kaag: “No money? No war.”

  • All the Russian central bank’s balances in the EU will be frozen.
  • All Russian planes will be banned from EU airspace, including private jets.
  • Russian oligarchs will experience difficulties.
  • RT, Sputnik and other Russian state media will be blocked.
  • Unprecedented is that the EU is freeing up funds (450 million euros) to purchase and supply weaponry.

(Except the latter, this is likely similar to what the UK is doing.)

Because of its pro-Putnik stance, Belarus will no longer be allowed to export wood, cement, steel, tobacco and other products. The country is not part of the EU, but has trade agreements with the EU and is part of the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

The US plans to ask Congress for 5.7 billion euros for economic and military support to Ukraine.

Oxygen is running out in Ukrainian hospitals – think Covid – and the WHO is looking into supplying the Ukraine with oxygen via Poland.

The world’s largest airplane – the Antonov An-225 – has been destroyed in Kyiv. The Ukrainian response? “We will rebuild it.”

For the record: “Kiev” is based on the Russian name for the city, “Kyiv” is Ukrainian, according to CNN.

Its name was Mriya (“the dream”).

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