Finland, Google, Facebook

Finland’s closing its airspace to Russian planes. Google’s blocking downloads of the RT app on Android phones in Ukraine, at the request of the Ukrainian govt. De Pfeffel Johnson does his usual empty waffling. Okay okay, Russians operating within the UK seem to have been rendered pretty powerless in all sorts of ways. Think in terms of property deals and so on. But it’s hard for plain folks like me to assess what this really means in practice.

Google had already decided to cut Russian state media’s ad income and even Facebook – one of the world’s least ethical companies – took a similar step.

All over the world, from South Korea to Mexico and also in the UK, protests marches have sprung up against Putin’s war.

But the UK wants to curtail people’s rights to do something like that in the future (Priti Patel’s policing bill, up for discussion again soon if I am not mistaken). Because such protests mustn’t for example inconvenience Russian oligarchs in the UK, according to Priti Patel.

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