Russian official apologizes to Ukraine at UN climate meeting

And thousands of Russians have been arrested at demonstrations against the war. (Remember that the UK government wants to be able to start doing this sort of thing in the UK too.)

FIFA has disappointed in its comprising decision to let the Russian team compete under a different name in the world championship, the Polish and Swedish soccer organisations feel. They’re refusing to play against the Russian team.

Russian troops were also very aggressive in Syria, going after civilian targets, such as schools and hospitals, as the Russian military is now doing in Ukraine as well.

The people who fled from that have been drowning all over the place. Reason? Otherisation. Ukraine is too close to home for comfort, eh? But then again, governments made many promises with regards to the many people who fled that war too. Until the refugees actually came…

These too were all people who were quietly leading their lives, being teachers and lawyers and hairdressers and engineers and shopkeepers and doctors and professors and bricklayers.

All sitting down for breakfast or what have you when someone in power decided to start a war. It had nothing to do with them.

Pressure is being put on China to condemn the war. Pressure is also being put on conductor Valeri Gergiev. If he doesn’t, he’ll be fired from the Münchener Philharmoniker (not his only position). His management in Munich has cut him loose. Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is also putting pressure on him and willing to cancel performances and a festival.

Switzerland intends to join the EU’s sanctions.

Russia should also return Crimea to Ukraine. At a minimum. Some people have commented that the West had been letting Putin get away with far too much (and has been co-founding this war against Ukraine). All the monies people may have been making off Russia one way or another are now being paid back, aren’t they? Looking the other way never pays. It’s like with the UK (and other nations) supplying the arms for the war against the citizens of Yemen for the sake of money. It only pays short-term. Always comes back to bite you one way or another.

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