Swift: bunch of Russian banks kicked out

According to Dutch FT on my phone (latter means I can’t read the article right now). Oil and gas lines on fire? Not sure yet what that headline is about. Turns out to be about attack on a depot.

This is an extreme example of why brain scans need to become part of health care. So that people like Putin don’t wage crazy wars but get the healthcare support that they need. To attack another country is a sign of a mental health problem. No well person does something like that, let’s face it.

Now contrast that with the fact that Ukraine’s President is a guy who used to enjoy making people laugh and feel happy. A former actor and comedian.


And he’s refused to run away. (I think the US offered to get him out as he is a prime target for Russia. He said no.) He’s stepping up to the plate in a way that you will never see people like Bolsonaro, Trump, De Pfeffel Johnson and Putin do, let’s face it.

Yes: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/02/26/europe/ukraine-zelensky-evacuation-intl/index.html

Putin isn’t only killing Ukrainians. He’s also killing Russians in this stupid war.

The Ukrainian President appears to be establishing a legion for foreigners who want to help defend the country.

He probably has a point. We need to start uniting against what harms us. That’s the opposite of what the UK government tends to do.

Governments in general have a tendency not to – or to act far too slowly. The Swift decision was a pleasant surprise, in that regard, as it’s come within days after the start of Putin’s crazy war.

Putin’s crazy war seems to have the sudden unexpected benefit of pulling all countries within the EU together, the UK as always merely watching from the sidelines. The latter was already the case when the UK was still part of the EU. The UK too often wants to be special, set itself apart from the rest. This also played a role at the start of the pandemic. De Pfeffel Johnson believed that COVID would magically stop at the borders of Britain and that only those weak foreigners were going to succumb to it.

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