Dutch male volleyball team, and expanding the EU, etc. etc.

The Dutch male volleyball team is not going to Russia to compete in the world championship. (Has not been moved out of Russia yet, no.)

Von der Leyen is openly advocating for Ukraine’s membership in the EU. Giving a strong “hands off” signal to Putin.

China is condemning the West’s sanctions along the lines of Putin’s words. So, they too see this as a domestic issue?

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegates this morning, at Belarus border.

AirBnB wants to house 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.

150 Dutch military personnel are leaving for Romania this morning, and will be going to the border with Ukraine. It concerns an exercise that was supposed to take place in Germany. The exercise includes US military personnel.

A Ukrainian sailor has tried to sink the yacht of his boss, Alexander Mijeev, who manufactures arms for the Russian military. Near Mallorca. He was arrested but has been released, awaiting his prosecution.

Afghan refugees are now fleeing Ukraine. Poor folks!

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