Irina Faridi, you made me cry

She’s just arrived in the Netherlands Poland with her daughter, her sister and her mother and you can sense how exhausted she is and how she is still grappling with this crazy reality and the uncertainty of the future.

No, Ukraine is not in the EU.

Unfortunately, I have also read that thousands of Nigerians who were living in Ukraine are not being treated the same way.

One day, you have a good job and a nice home and the next day… nothing.

Video in English:

I felt like hugging her. If she could, she might want to hide in a corner where nobody can see her for a few moments and cry the exhaustion and confusion out of her so that she can go on. Her eyes. The tension around her mouth.

(Yes, I guess I know what these people feel like. I’ve sort of been there a few times too. Four times, I think.)

Meanwhile in the UK:


Zelensky has responded to Von der Leyen’s statements by confirming Ukraine would like to join the EU asap. A sense of family?

The plus of not being a career politician is that you say things out loud.

Here, you can see what a real comedian looks like. Now compare that with how a clown behaves.

Let’s face it, Boris de Pfeffel Johnson would have crumbled a long time ago in these circumstances. There is no way in hell he could handle something like this.

The negotiations at the Belarus border have concluded but are expected to resume later.

Grant Shapps has announced that Russian vessels will no longer be welcome in British ports. Orkney will be pleased to hear that.

FIFA and UEFA are on the verge of kicking the Russian team out, at least for the time being.

Macron has had a phone call wit Putin, with three “demands”. Putin may have been willing to listen, but in return for for example formal recognition of Crimea.

Russia has closed its airspace for planes from 36 countries. Russian foreign minister Lavrov was supposed to hold a speech in Geneva (UN Human Rights), but his plane won’t be able to land there so he had to cancel.

Conductor Gergiev is no longer welcome in Milan’s Scala. Was due to conduct there on Saturday. He’s close friends with Putin.

More than half a million Ukrainian refugees now according to the UN.

EU Member States to relax veterinary paperwork requirements for the dogs, cats and other companion animals travelling with Ukrainian refugees seeking safe passage in EU Member States.

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