When a so-called bioethicist slides down the slippery slope

I just received a disgustingly offensive e-mail from a so-called bioethicist who is sensationalising Putin’s war against Ukraine as an argument against surrogacy.

This has to be the most flawed argument thinkable as war is against life by definition.

This comes not from a bioethicist but from a right-wing nut case. I’d had my suspicions before. It’s so disappointing to have them confirmed.

I prefer to listen to all sorts of opinions, not just those who match mine, but this was so disgusting that I am actually rather upset.

Using the horrors resulting from Putin’s rationality slippage as an argument against something completely unrelated?

It’s hard to think of a way to sink any lower than that.

Border officials at EU countries borders applying a skin tone hierarchy in deciding which Ukrainian refugees are getting access to the EU and which ones don’t comes pretty damn close, too, however.

I’ve heard about this from Dutch NOS news about Nigeria protesting and now also seen it in a video by the Guardian on YouTube.

Equally disgusting. Granted.

What if it’s your own son or daughter who is studying abroad when the head of a neighboring country decides to attack?



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