Peter Dijkstra, Dutch lawyer and chemical engineer in Kyiv

NOS interviewed him. If you know him and have a way of getting in touch with him, ask him how you can help him

He’s stuck in his apartment and mentions that he is running out of paracetamol (acetaminophen), that the constant stress of the threat of being hit by a missile is giving him a headache, but… I don’t presume that postal mail still gets through to Kyiv.

He does mention being in good contact with people around him and everyone helping everyone.

If you can get shipments through to him, send food.

He is frustrated that he can’t do a lot and says he’s become just “another mouth to feed”. He’d like to be able to start handing out food.

He’s looking after the two cats of a neighbor so that she could flee from Kyiv, so cat food might be welcome too.

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