Tada!!!! Another way of remote access into someone else’s computer including Portsmouth’s libraries’ computers?

I didn’t sleep much last night because of the usual bullying activities from my immediate downstairs neighbour’s flat. But that’s okay. I’m very tired but I’ll catch up. Around 5 am, I yelled at him to shut up. It worked. It also worked the previous time I yelled at him to shut up.

Anyone local who has been told that he has Tourette’s: no, he does not. Because his “Tourette’s” stops when I shout at him to cut the crap. That’s not Tourette’s, that’s just bullying. He pulls quite a bit of other crap too. He’s English so no laws apply to him.

I have previous told you how my computers were being accessed via the electricity wires in my building.

I had a feeling that something like this was going on. Then one day, I got confirmation after I had left my flat but had forgotten something. I walked into my little office to find a program having been opened on my OFFLINE computer, in its Windows installation. It’s an old dual boot computer that can no longer online in XP and it had no dongle attached at the time.

I then looked into how to thwart that and installed a timer between the socket and the plug. There was a lot of loud clicking of the timer for a while and then a message on my screen “Thought you could keep me out?”

I’ve used an extension cable to use different sockets but that only helped for a short while.

Turns out that there is another way.

I have seen Bluetooth being activated on various phones in the past five years or so at various times.

I also use phones to tether my Linux installations to the internet as I no longer have broadband access. The computers don’t have Bluetooth.

A week ago, my newer computer saw one of my phones – one that has no sim in it – as its Bluetooth name. That phone somehow does get accessed remotely; one day, for example, all my music files had been removed from playlists except the ones to do with water and it’s also happened that a song started playing spontaneously. (“Ease away”). I have heard it make other sounds when it shouldn’t.

When I looked in my Linux logs, I saw that my computer’s remote Bluetooth file transfer service had been activated. (I’ve seen irregularities that have on occasion prompted me to pull the plug on my computer after which I found a remote file after rebooting.)

So I suspect that they’ve found a way to activate Bluetooth on my phone without my phone indicating that and that they connect this to my Linux installation. This then would be another way in which they can access my computer remotely.

I don’t know if they are still constantly picking my locks too; if they are, then they haven’t been leaving signs behind.

There’s recently been a heck of a lot of malicious interference again, so badly that I have been utterly terrified for a few days.

Yesterday, I was sitting at the library, with my phone plugged into the computer as it was running out of juice, and I got a MOBILE site on the screen of the library computer.

10 March 2022

A site that I had logged into and that never works when I use it at the library. A site that my hacker was messing with when I was using it from my home office.

(Which really gutted me.)

I am sure that he’ll be “invisible” for a while now. He’s good at sending “hints” – including spoofed mails – that only I recognise because it’s based on 13+ years of “history” and that would often make me sound like a lunatic if I were to mention them.

I can’t rule out that this dude simply wants support with his challenging neurodiversity condition and feels that I can provide that. But if that is the case, then why all the cloak and dagger stuff? Why can’t he just call me or e-mail me? Because he is damn well capable of it and so are his supposed two daughters and one son if need be. This just does not add up. It doesn’t.

I may understand the condition somewhat and I may understand that the person in question never asked for it – sure! – but that does not mean that I deserve endless abuse. Because that is what I am getting, isn’t it?

The apparent “put up with my stuff and I’ll keep you alive, but no more that that” deal is not exactly a very good one for me either, is it? It is, in any case, something to be talked about, not simply something to be imposed on me. And certainly not if the alternative is that I am not allowed to make a living and starve.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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