The Portsmouth Lib Dems are totally losing the plot and I was just surrounded by four CIA black ops specialists.

18 March 2022: I’ve meanwhile made a video about the subject of this post.

(Yeah, sure, I try to keep laughing in spite of the fact that my life is a nightmare.)

Yesterday, on 16 March, I received a political communication from someone who is campaigning for the local Lib Dems on issues such as the number of flowers in the planters lining the streets (yes, that is my exaggeration but greening the economy is more than just planting a few trees) or on wasting money on a some people’s laughable objection against street art – complete with a Ghost Busters theme song – and other typical Tory issues and Tony Blair peeves.

Complete non-issues, in other words. I can’t believe it! Was it a spoofed communication, something run off someone’s home printer? I do suspect that that is the case as I just went to check out one issue that had gotten my curiosity.

Let’s do a search.

I didn’t know that, but … that is THIS GUY:

He’s running in two wards, by the looks of it, Cosham and Fratton, and claims to live in Clive Road. So how can his house in the town of Fareham have been used for sex parties? Well, apparently, he does live in Clive Road and co-owns a house in Fareham that he uses for sex parties. Let’s keep Portsmouth clean and green.

Besides a bunch of what strikes me as typical Tory issues such as recycling food waste instead of preventing it and this in a country where far too many millions of people are rummaging through waste bins in search of food, he also mentions the The Bridge Shopping Centre in his campaign pamphlet.

Apparently, the Lib Dems want Portsmouth City Council to purchase The Bridge. (And then what, people? Then what?)

I’ve had a stand there. (That’s “stall”, in English English.)

On the basis of David Fuller’s pamphlet, I assumed that most of the shops there were empty these days. Curious, I just walked over. To my utter surprise, all the spaces are occupied. There is a beer brewing shop and an indoor golf facility, as well as a jewellers and at least one barber. Even the eatery was still open; I had assumed that it had closed by now.

Sure, the centre is in need of some improvements such as better lighting and it would also benefit greatly from the addition of some live plants such as a few potted palm and Ficus trees and perhaps a pizza stand that sells slice of pizza at the door to give the place an inviting smell. The Fratton Road entrance does not entice anyone to go inside unless they were already planning to do so.

Here in Portsmouth, I voted Lib Dem for years. I am utterly embarrassed by them now.

(Full disclosure: I became a member of the Green Party in May last year but because of the constant hacking and other interference that I am exposed to here in Portsmouth, I can’t do a thing for the Green Party. Also, I don’t want to have to toe anyone’s party line and finding myself forced to make too many compromises.)

As I was walking out of The Bridge, I was suddenly surrounded by four security men in black who wanted me to hand over my phone or delete the images. The issue was so laughable that I asked them if I had accidentally photographed a CIA safe house.

They couldn’t give me any reasons either why I should have to do so.

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