My YouTube channel

It gives me something to fill my time with and my hacker doesn’t interfere too much with it.

Views on my videos range from 50,000 to 0. These days, it’s usually around 2.

For those who still haven’t realised that, the past decade or so, I’ve been climbing the walls with boredom even more than in I used to in Southampton.

Imagine being a smart, capable and educated woman and being forced to while away the time sleeping, reading library books and so on.

Women must know their place, eh? It’s men who are supposed to bring home the bacon.

I so badly want back to the 21st century, where women are allowed to support themselves and even have their own businesses.

I’ve had it with white English men indicating that they feel that I make far too many demands and that I should know my place, essentially declaring me non-human. They get to make a living yet I must know my place and wallow in utter misery and be content with that?

(FUCK THAT, you backward white English males.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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