All Saints/Harbour Church and a suicide attempt

I just dropped by at All Saints for a very welcome delish meal in a very welcoming atmosphere. I opted for takeaway as there was something else that I really wanted to do soon.

I spoke with a Ukrainian guy and a few other people and then I saw a woman looking inside and walk on again.

I went after her and I eventually got her inside.

She told me that she had tried to commit suicide and showed me her wrist.

It didn’t instantly dawn on me but I think that she may actually have been looking for the NHS drop in clinic in Guildhall Square that isn’t there anymore.

If that was the case then me getting her inside among warm people, where she could eat a meal, probably wasn’t a bad thing.

But the All Saints also has something called drop in, at other times. So maybe she was looking for All Saints after all.

She was a little younger than me. I don’t know where she was from.

On the one hand, I wish I had paid more attention. On the other hand, when you act from instinct, you tend to do better things than when you start to overthink it.

“That’s not good”, I had said to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

I asked “Would you like a meal?”

She asked if I worked there, a little later.

I think she will be okay. But she needs a sense of connection.

I wish I had asked more.

I did make sure that someone started speaking to her who did work there.

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