Local food handouts

The facility that I found closed when I went there in January was open when I went by there yesterday. The facility that I went to a few weeks ago, however, was unexpectedly closed today. I saw two more people who turned up in vain.

Yesterday, I was told that most of these facilities will soon close. Poverty is spreading so there are fewer and fewer food donations.

I spoke with a woman who arrived here from elsewhere in England two or three decades ago. We agreed that there’s always been a lot of poverty in Portsmouth.

It made me conclude that I should explore pushing an idea I recently had anyway. Except, I am currently walking around so much that I end up exhausted. The place I went to this morning is at quite a distance.

I also briefly spoke with two bin men today. It seems that Portsmouth City Council really sucks in all sorts of ways. It’s the people with money who win and those without who always draw the shortest straws…

I wish I could hold them to account, but the food situation is becoming much more urgent in Portsmouth, I think, than other issues, even though those latter ones too are hazardous.

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