(Does anyone understand how persistent child abuse works? What effects it has on the brain and on the body? People, wake up. The reason this woman got this backlash from her university is that adults have trouble believing the reality of what she went through as a child. They tell themselves that she must have been lying.)

I know exactly what she’s talking about. Here in Portsmouth, just about everyone’s been gaslighting me too about what’s been happening to me. “Can’t possibly be true.” That is what you tell yourself too. Because first, what has been happening to you is too crazy for words but over the years, you get used to it – it becomes “normal” – and second, it is very scary to have to admit that what’s been happening to you really has been and still is happening to you. That’s because you have to live with it. (You tell yourself that it isn’t so bad. Because the alternative is drowning in utter panic because of the powerlessness and the seriousness – severity – of your situation.)

Once you do, your entire life becomes about escaping from the abuse. But you keep that to yourself.

This woman escaped. Be happy for her.

“I cannot avoid the sense that Mackenzie is being faulted for not having suffered enough,” one of her professors said.

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