Hacking update. Oh, and Russia v Ukraine.

lt is blissfully quiet on my main computer this morning. I discovered that two mistakes appeared to have been introduced in a letter that was on my other computer. Someone was annoyingly visibly active in both my computers yesterday. My phone is usually affected too.

On another note, it’s been very distressing first to read what’s been going on in Ukraine and then second to read that the US won’t take steps that would be “damaging” (economically) to itself and its allies. Blocking Russian oil.

Block Russian oil. Do everything to stop these atrocities in this crazy war started by what has now clearly become an unhinged individual in Moscow who happens to be in power. In most other situations, without this power imbalance between him and his surroundings, he would have been told to see a doctor and would have gotten largely ignored.

We don’t want another Syria. Syria was much more complicated to intervene in, as I learned from a course provided by Harvard’s Belfer Center. Ukraine is a relatively simple story.

If the world does not start to learn how to unite against harms and hazards, it is doomed.

After I posted the above, I spotted this:

It appears that Germany applied pressure to accomplish that delay.

Then this, and similar sounds from the U’s Liz Truss. As per what date will this kick in in practice? And when will the US follow?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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