Three encounters

Went to Asda to get a thank you card for someone who had really brightened up my day yesterday.

I’m standing in line at the checkout. “Scuse me” says a guy and he grabs 3 or 4 Duveltjes. “Good beer!” I exclaim and he beams and chuckles in response.

“You’re very well organised” I say to the woman next to me after I had observed her swiftly arranging opened semi sturdy shopping bags in her cart ready for filling. She laughs happily in response and explains that she is shopping for another household as well.

I stop by to drop off the card without wanting to interrupt the person’s work or draw the attention to me – as the card is about her, not me – and three guys at the reception treat it as if there is bound to be anthrax in the envelope. The first guy responds in alarm and instantly walks off for a consultation. Thankfully, the third guy – who approaches later and not in response to guy no. 1 – relaxes when he sees that the card’s envelope is open and he and the other guy who is still still standing there end up smiling. “It’s just a card to say thank you, that’s all.”

Hmm. How many anthrax threats have they had at that office, I wonder.

It can make such a big difference when someone happily and enthusiastically simply does her or his job and/or does her or his best to help you as well as possible. It’s too rare.

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