Ethics or the lack of it

In the UK, the govt awarded many contracts for PPE and so on, a large proportion of it faulty, to “pals”, billions, in total.

That’s normal over here.

Holding the UK government to account on this requires the efforts and funds from organisations like The Good Law Project (Jolyon Maugham QC).

The Netherlands had one face mask deal that wasn’t awarded properly. The face masks were never used…

One contract. For 100 million euros, at a profit of 40 million.

The Dutch government launched an independent investigation when it found out.

The Dutch “Health Secretary” is really feeling the pressure. “This will haunt me for a long time to come.” It led to a vote of no confidence. A major investigation will follow to get to the bottom of how this Dutch deal came about.

De Jonge nog niet klaar met mondkapjesdeal, ‘dit blijft hem achtervolgen’ –

(This is also, I reckon, why the English often think I’m crazy. Or a pain in the butt.)

11 April 2022

Here we go again!

Is this guy seriously wasting the taxpayers’ money on investigating who revealed that his wife was not paying any taxes here?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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