Canada invading annexing Alaska. Elections in France. Scotland annexing the Isle of Wight.

Faraway Ukraine… where was it again? Somewhere near China? These are matters of life or death, folks. They’re on our doorstep. It’s like Canada invading Alaska.

I have neighbours – some only work here, others are residents – who effectively express that they feel that I don’t have the right to making a living and to an income of my own plus food, lighting, heating and warm water, let alone anything beyond that.

They make fun of me, scorn me or scoff at me, yell stupid stuff at me, but they don’t want to hear a word about what’s been going on.

They seem to believe that women are not human, or whatever. In fact, this goes for quite a few people in this town.

All the otherising, infantilising, degrading myths that have been spread about me are underwhelming, too.

My response to all of that is anger if anything but it’s mostly been complete indifference. Increasing distance.

Last year I also paid for a website that I never got to use – owing to sabotage; playing a silly word game with me – and whoever it is who is doing this has been messing with this phone badly again the past few days.

God forbid any woman should ever be happy?

In the meantime, the UK government with its empty promises regarding the people of Ukraine – excuse me, its refugees; those are not real people, are they? – pledges to send more arms.

I’m a little underwhelmed, Ms Patel and Mr De Pfeffel Johnson.

This was the next news item that popped into my view:

Toxicity is a very English thing, part of the culture. Foreigners often don’t get that. It was an issue in one of the early American “Apprentice” programs (so I read in Amy Henry’s book or maybe was it Carolyn Kepcher’s) and it was an issue in one of the British ones too.

I don’t know how to explain it to foreigners and I don’t know how to explain it to people who are English and so used to it that it’s second nature. It’s far from black and white. It’s not clear-cut but you can also see it in the activities of the UK government. The two-facedness in what it does and says. Duplicity. It’s part of the culture, and hard to bridge, hard to explain.

I think it’s related to how the stiff upper lip came about.

But it doesn’t seem to apply to everyone who is English either.

Some English people use the word “establishment” in relation to this.

An American guy once told me he felt that people who are educated tend to be more dishonest. He’s a republican. His wife is a republican too, well-known for her bird rehabilitation and oil spill contingency planning. Her actions and also her kindness towards people were always far more the behaviours of which democrats say that they are typical for democrats and totally not republican. It’s democrats that sometimes display the behaviours of which they think that they are typically republican. It’s not black and white. None of it is.

Elections in France today. Scary, this time. We had Trump, we have Hungary and Poland and the UK and Brazil. We had or have Austria. Let’s not add France to the list of countries that have governments that are leaning towards the far right.

And we have the situation with Ukraine, which probably makes this even more important.

I learned from a course from Harvard’s Belfer Center that Syria was really hard to intervene in because there was a very large number of factions, all with their own agenda. Supporting one of them could actually be the wrong thing to do whereas supporting more or most of them would mean that you’d support some of them fighting each other.

The Ukraine situation is much simpler.

I was baffled back in 2014 too, that the world simply allowed Russia to annex Crimea. I mean, it’s like Canada saying “Alaska is ours” or Mexico annexing New Mexico, isn’t it?

Canada is invading Alaska and Mexico is invading New Mexico and the governments don’t want to block Mexican oil and Canadian gas and risk ticking off Mexico and Canada too much and risk running out of oil and gas.

Or rather, it’s like the US invading and bombing Canada, this time.

I wish men (people like Putin, but it’s not just Putin) would stop fighting these crazy wars and start focusing on what matters.

The UK has said that it would go to war with Spain, over Gibraltar. It went to war against Argentina over the Falklands. And then there are, for example, the Chagos Islands.

Can anyone explain to me why Britain has the right to do what Russia wants and Russia doesn’t?

Can’t you see that Putin might not get the difference either?

Yes, I am against war, Portsmouth. I’m against people killing people “just because”. Deal with it.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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