Here we go again. God is acting up.

The hacker’s disabled BOTH my computers. Nothing new. This has been his usual modus operandi for over 13 years.

Let’s see what I can do about that. He’s also disabled the optical drive, by the looks of it, so that I can’t do any repairs or a fresh install. That too has happened before.

Okay, I will do the dishes and laundry and read some more books, then.

Shrinks, fix this dude, please. He’s broken. Thanks.

One thought on “Here we go again. God is acting up.

  1. Yeah, he seems to see himself as God. That may be why he has a tendency to act up particularly badly around Christmas and around Easter?

    I’m posting this from my phone but I’ve noticed that I seem to have no access to slack from my phone so I don’t know if this is showing up on the internet.

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