He’d warned me

The past few days, he kept scrolling my pages down to this:

He goes “bad” in the middle of the night. Usually does his bad stuff around 3am. I imagine he was busy writing code all night, ready to load it into my computer at the start of my day.

Eh, wait, no. He’s done the same thing before, with this installation. He only needed to adapt the code he already had, because the damage is more extensive this time.

Goes for the other computer too.

Imagine that your life is so empty… It’s sad, really. Not that god-like at all.

I haven’t done any exploring to see which bits still work and which ones don’t or pulling batteries etc just in case he’s mostly messed with the bios. That would be letting him dictate how I spend my time.

I was busy writing and editing today, yesterday and tomorrow. Was going to alternate that with some outdoor activities, but the latter haven’t materialised yet.

So I’m just reading, for the sake of what I was working on. I can’t be bothered trying to get my computers working again. This stuff he pulls has gone stale. He’s been doing this for over a decade. It really does become very boring eventually.

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