An example of policing going wrong

Someone has been stealing all kinds of documents from me. This began about five years ago. That’s when I first started getting some odd requests for copies of passport and driving licence, but it did seem legit, just a change in policy at a particular company.

But far too many items started disappearing from my postal mail too.

There is someone out there who has 4 or 5 bank cards in my name, has a valid driving licence in my name, and a few other bits and pieces in my name.

You can’t report this kind of activity anywhere. You just have to put up with it.

Is someone trying to “create” a second me, to cast a weird light on me?

The local police, at some point, told me that I had already stopped by with a particular complaint, and that they had already been to my home about it, too.

But the officer stepped to someone at a desk in the background, and I could hear them ask each other “Is it the same woman?”

It’s been my experience that when you go to the police to file a police report, nobody checks your ID or verifies your address.

You can also go to the police here and claim that someone has been harassing you and if you give the police that person’s name and address, the police will usually deliver a so-called Police Information Notice (PIN) without the police ever checking into the validity of the complaint.

Ill-meaning people can do a heck of a lot of damage that way.

Because these un-investigated PINs can lead to arrests. Getting arrested means having a criminal record. Without the police doing even the slightest bit of investigating.

(Depending on the outcome of the arrest, that criminal record may expire again after a number a years, however. Still…)

Also, why am I getting rather strange messages from a local Green Party member? It looks like my e-mails to local Greens are being altered and often don’t even arrive, whereas their e-mails to me may also be getting messed with.

This morning, a message arrived that talked about me having started WWIII, out of the blue, without any reason for saying something like that.

It neither made any sense within the context of the Green Party. Because I really don’t think that the local Green Party is into this local white male supremacist shit. Or does that particular Green Party member just happen to be a bit of a nutcase, generally speaking? Was it just a really clumsy remark? I hope it’s the latter because at least it would mean that all is well with respect to these particular emails.

(But this guy does seem to have a similar habit of substituting a’s and e’s as my hacker has… and he’s written a few other things that do not appear to add up, though I may well be mistaken about that.)

Because of what is going on locally, I’ve tried to avoid doing anything for the Greens locally. There is so much anonymous blind hate against me in this town that I didn’t think that I would be doing the local Greens a favour if I started to deliver leaflets or do anything else locally. (And because of the hacking, there’s not much else I can do either.) But I couldn’t deliver leaflets anywhere else – I’ve tried – and as I am not allowed to make a living, I usually have absolutely nothing to do. So I did decide to start delivering leaflets after all. Turns out that it’s often in streets at some distance from where I am, which helps.

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