Hard graft

Am taking three old mattresses apart at the moment and am suddenly reminded of my middle sister. The three of us grew up around DIY and have always tackled a lot of stuff, certainly my middle sister, who also knows a lot about furniture design and so on. In her previous house, my sister installed the entire marble bathroom herself. Saved her a ton, looked like a million bucks. I think she also did the entire kitchen. Looked just as slick. Blimey.

Am learning a lot about mattresses. The one that I thought had springs in it does not and the ones that I thought did not contain springs do. Am almost done with the latter. Been pulling out a million staples, developed a blister, had to take a break and refuel. 25% of the staples still to do. I can use my other hand if I have to. Would likely be much slower though. Less dexterity in my left hand.

UPDATE: All three have springs. One has individual springs. I’ll need a bucket! But the volume reduction may be awesome. I’ll tackle that this weekend. My hands need a rest.

What this is about? Years ago, our landlord dumped rubbish on our patio. From then on, everyone and their brother and sister have been dumping rubbish on our patio. Up to that point, it had been a clean patio.

From time to time, I tackle the mess. No problem. It works out as a barter deal.

Costs hundreds of pounds to have this all done by others. The metal mattress skeletons will be collected by Garrett recycling. Taking the mattresses apart themselves is not economic for them.

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