Worrisome! (sabotage, continued)

  • My work for universities etc? All sabotaged to death. None left.
  • My LinkedIn account? Sabotaged to death.
  • Development of new local acquaintance with who I had hoped to be able to go on walks? Sabotaged. Apparently because “I need to be at home for my two boys”?
  • The local wildlife work I’ve been trying to develop for years and for which I set up a separate website some time ago? Sabotaged to death.
  • Two attempts to obtain Universal Credit? Unsuccessful (and accompanied by really weird experiences).
  • Interesting project in the US for which I needed to be vetted by a US govt dept? (The latter is not that strange in this case, but I did look into the company and I also consulted someone else about this. Spent money on getting various certificates and statements, too.) Apparently also being sabotaged to death or completely faked. I put in a request for feedback/information from others yesterday, received a response by email this morning, then clicked on the link and got “page not found”. Am now trying to get in contact with another company, in relation to this, and am unsuccessful. This – below – is what I wanted to let them know.

    Keep in mind that there is someone out there who already has 4 or 5 of my bankcards and an official original driving licence issued to me AND that Portsmouth Police told me a few years ago that I had already been there to report something and that they had been to my home about it, too (while asking each other “Is it the same woman?”). (Portsmouth Police? Less than useless.)

(My – often bullying – neighbour is at it again, too, at the moment. Apparently because I said “hi” to his dog yesterday; I grew up with a dog exactly like his except it was male. My other neighbour is not in at the moment, of course. Ha! Typing this instantly put a stop to it!)


I am the owner/founder of ABC (a small business started in Amsterdam in 1997 now located in England) as well as the Company Director of Credabilius Ltd.

About a month ago, I had a Zoom conversation with someone claiming to be a representative for a company called XYZ, which is based in Washington DC. This company appears legit and the contact was initiated by me after having seen a post about an interesting project for which they needed qualified people.

This was followed by a flurry of emails as well as a request to supply various confidential materials for the purpose of vetting by the US government, for the project. This latter request was not unusual in view of the nature of the project, but I consulted someone else about this and I also looked into the company in question, which often also seems to work for US Homeland and then requires exclusively US citizens.

This e-mail exchange took place on an email address that I often use in the early stages of certain activities, namely xyz@gmail.com. I received an unsigned agreement that I was asked to sign and was sent this link for uploading the documentation:

This was supposed to be my personal folder for uploading documentation. I had to submit requests and payment for the various certificates and statements, but in the meantime, I already uploaded documentation I had such as ID and diplomas. Oddly enough, I then heard nothing at all.

I emailed to ask if the documents had been safely received as I can’t actually look into the folder. The answer was affirmative. Again, I heard nothing further.

I’ve meanwhile received the various statements that I had to put in requests for, but have held off on uploading those as again, I have heard nothing from the company since.

I called the company yesterday, twice, and my experiences with those two calls were rather odd. I didn’t get to talk with anyone in charge who could give me more information.

I am urgently asking you to delete the contents of that folder and verify the identity of the company that appears to be behind it and report this to the authorities, if necessary.

I don’t know what is going on here. Is my international ID now being faked to open bank accounts and what not? Is something else going on? I am highly concerned.

Below is a list that includes documents that I have uploaded:

  • pp.pdf
  • additional information.pdf (with names of contacts at NATO, and US ID)
  • up to 4 PNG files containing screenshots (awaiting paper certificate sent by postal mail)
  • up to 6 PDF files having filenames starting with SOUREN (diplomas etc)
  • Certificate ordered – Order a certificate – GOV.UK.pdf
  • Result clear.pdf

Please get back to me about this as a matter of urgency.

Thank you.


Angelina Souren

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