Policing in England is a mess

I just executed a subject access request with regard to information the police in England have on me in their records and to my astonishment, the attack on me in Woolston, Southampton is not part of it at all. Two English people had just died in very similar attacks at the time.

When I was attacked, the attackers of one of these unfortunate people – Ernest Norton – were being prosecuted at the Old Bailey. I got in touch with the victim’s widow via the prosecutor at the Old Bailey and we corresponded for a short while.

I’m not sure what to make of that.

Back then, the police took zero interest. None.

Is this really a case of me being a Bijan Ebrahimi, so to speak?

I also find it odd that the time when I reported that I had been contacted about europium for sale that appeared to have been stolen in Russia is not in their system.

What DO these folks actually do, other than play PacMan with citizens in the streets when the mood strikes them, I’ve wondered before and now find myself wondering about again.

You can’t report crimes such as burglaries to them either. Well, you can, but they don’t do anything with it and consider the information mere “intelligence”.

I and many others pay these folks’ salaries.

What a weird situation.

That’s not all.

The previous time I executed a SAR, years ago, contacting another organisation to get some information that I needed for legal proceedings that I started, I discovered to my utter astonishment and shock that a particular local police officer had been spreading really vile lies about me behind my back – occasionally even while lying to me about the same things at the same time.

That was an eye opener.

I had not actually been after that kind of information; all I had wanted was a record, with certain dates on it.

I followed this up by contacting all sorts of parties the police had claimed to have contacted with regard to extensive harassment of me by neighbours and others. I found that they had not contacted one single person. I wrote to the police about this but never received a reply.

I felt like a fool because I had actually thanked that particular police officer extensively – delivering donuts and other goodies to the station – because he had seemed so helpful, not knowing that he had actually been painting me black behind my back.

Again, he had been spreading really vile lies about me behind my back. (I was also surprised and touched to see that one person had stood up against this on one occasion and told the officer in question that he was spouting bullshit.)

Since then, I have been saying that you should never ever contact the police unless you need to have filed a police report for insurance purposes. File the report, get the case number and get out of the police station asap. Then never contact them again.

Unless for insurance purposes.

Easier said than done. Because there is no other place you can go to in certain situations in which you are supposed to contact the police.

The police does not exist to help you and serve you and protect you. At best, police officers are not your enemy, but they usually actually are.

Most good citizens simply have no clue. We believe in Hollywood fairy tales about cops being the good guys. I too had been utterly clueless, even though a white American friend had said repeatedly over the course of decades that police officers probably more often than not are essentially criminal scum. Yes, they are. She was right.

I get that police officers need to blow off steam from time to time and then do stupid things like play PacMan with civilians from a bunch of police cars in the streets, but that is a far cry from deliberately spreading really nasty lies about civilians, just for fun.

We pay their salaries! How is that right?

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