Sarah Everard is dead. Why?

Because women are not considered human beings in England… It’s seen as perfectly okay to abuse and kill them by far too many people here. That’s not right.

This is not about Sarah Everard. There are millions of Sarah Everards in England. Most of them are not white, pretty and young, but they are all Sarah Everard and she was all of them.

Killing women is okay because they are merely women so nobody will give a shit?

No, it’s not.

Possible femicidal maniac just walked into Hampshire Street in Portsmouth

On my way back from Asda just now, I asked random guys how many Sarah Everards they killed today. Their response was more or less the same. Mellow. Sometimes mildly defiant. But mellow. (And, yes, I thanked them.)

This guy, however, had a very different response, perhaps as if he had something to hide. Could be just a stupid fight with his wife or a colleague at work, of course. I don’t know.

My Asda receipt was timed at 19:37, so this was 10 or 15 minutes later. In Portsmouth.