In a similar position? Need new lock or spyhole?

In the past, I have asked a local locksmith to advise me regarding the lock-picking.

The first time I went by, I had looked online first. I walked over. There was nobody in the store. I called out a few times, waited 15 minutes, then left again.

The second time I went by, I was able to make an appointment. During this appointment, I was told that I should not be turning my flat into a prison and the information that my locks were being picked all the time was ignored.

I was advised to upgrade one lock. This lock, however, is still fairly easy to pick and I later upgraded its cylinder to a high-security lock.

All locks are pickable, but some take much longer to pick and most lock-pickers are familiar with only a few. They practice on these types of locks at home. There is a lock-picking American lawyer on YouTube. Many hackers are also lock-pickers. You can learn that from watching a few DefCon videos on YouTube. They also often know things like how to walk up to a person from behind without the person noticing it until the last second.

If you need new locks or want a spyhole fitted (or a safe, which I should have had from the day I moved into my current flat), look into the “Hampshire Bobby Scheme”. It’s not cops but volunteers who help for example disabled people and people who are over 65. It’s by the Blue Lamp Trust.

This is part of the information I was given by the CAB yesterday.

You don’t get this kind of information from the police.