What I did on Friday

I went to the Civic Offices where two clown visitors abused me. One faked a foreign accent at first and spoke broken English, but then she forgot to fake it. The other one told me complete bullshit and said he was from Jersey, a millionaire living in Chichester. He made his millions setting up two charities, he said. Works with homeless people, he said. Who he checks into hospitals so that they are no longer homeless, he said. Told me to check myself into a hospital. He said that I would force PCC to acknowledge their duty of care this way, or work around their refusal to do something or some bullshit like that. Ha ha.

After that, he became verbally abusive, but he was just a nut case. Initially, it sounded as if he might have something useful to say, but he was just waffling and became increasingly abusive.

I realised that I was just attracting nut cases.

Everyone else had merely walked by me. Of course, because I was sitting there quietly and powerlessly, holding up a small handwritten sign.

So I then went to the CAB.

Because I want the abuse to stop! Enough!

I spoke with a woman who I suspect is a psychologist (because she understands what Asperger’s is and what NPD is).

Among other things, she asked me if I had tried to get help. For me. (As opposed to getting someone to mediate because I am not one with the problem behaviour. I am just the one who is fed up with other people’s problem behaviour and does not know what to do with it.)

I’d forgotten, but yes, I actually did.

Years ago, I went to an InnovationSpace workshop for starting businesses or people wanting to start their own business, even though I had already started my own business years ago.

The guy who was leading that workshop had nothing to say other than that it was an example of the kinds of issues that business owners may have to deal with.

One woman asked where I was from.

Amsterdam? Oh that’s why then. Yes, people here in Portsmouth would do that, target you because you’re from Amsterdam.

And that was that.

Nothing further was said.

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